About echwa

Damien Anderson founded echwa in November 2019. Our mission is to provide a range of businesses with a strategic SEO consulting service.

Damien Anderson

Damien led the strategic SEO approach for consumer organisation Which? for a decade from 2009, where he oversaw the audience development team.

Before this, he held several client and agency side roles working on SEO and PPC campaigns for some great brands, including eBay, Honda, AMEX, VSO and Oki-Ni.

Damien Anderson, Founder and SEO Consultant

Damien has advised clients in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, medical, financial services and digital to enhance their SEO visibility through campaign based action. Damien began his career at Empire Ridge where he worked in the User experience Group.


Damien has an extensive knowledge of SEO practices and techniques. He keeps up-to-date with tech changes and is able to communicate equally well with content writers and developers to achieve fantastic results…I’d happily recommend to anyone requiring SEO help.

Struan King

Damien has great on page and technical knowledge in SEO, it’s his passion and what he enjoys…His expertise in SEO was second to none and became the go to person for SEO queries…He was a great person to work with, very friendly and reliable.

Thomas Russell

SEO success for all

For content designed to be made public and for material intended to be available on a private intranet or extranet, our goal is singular and simple.

‘Create meaningful analysis of search optimisation strategic opportunity without noise’.

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What does echwa mean?

The name Echwa is based on ‘schwa‘ or ə. In English, it’s the most common unsounded vowel.

About Us

Damien Anderson is the founder of echwa and SEO consultant. Our focus is on creating winning SEO strategies.

echwa is the trading name for Damien Anderson.

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