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Hi, I’m Damien Anderson, I specialise in helping publishers get the best out of their search optimisation, and grow their audiences.

About Damien Anderson

Damien led the strategic SEO approach for consumer organisation Which? for a decade until 2019, where he oversaw the SEO & Audience Development team.

Before this, he held several client and agency-side roles working on SEO and PPC campaigns for global brands. Damien started optimising websites to be found in 2000, at first by submitting websites to various web directories.

Damien Anderson, Freelance SEO consultant

Damien has advised clients in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, medical, financial services and digital to enhance their SEO visibility.

Originally from Australia, and spending time between Adelaide and Darwin, Damien began his career at Empire Ridge in Adelaide where he worked in the User Experience team.


I have worked with many developers, designers and search engine strategists as a freelance consultant. Damien without doubt, is one of the most forward thinking SEO strategists I have met. His understanding of how the internet functions, married with his ability to know how the user thinks and who their competition are, enables him toContinue reading “Kai Motta”

Kai Motta

Damien is an SEO guru. He’s driven a huge increase in natural search traffic…and is ever enthusiastic to drive improvements and enhancements both technically and editorially. He has and maintains a detailed understanding of how the major search players’ algorithms work and continuously feeds that back into improving the business.

Mike Lowndes

SEO success for all

Excellent optimisation starts with a conversation about your publishing priorities and goals. With this is understood, there will be various options. Typically, the next step will be to assess existing SEO plans and optimisations.

Next would be a rationalisation of those and work to conduct an initial SEO audit, working with your engineering and DevOps teams. This initial audit validates what is already know, finds any additional technical issues and creates a benchmark.

Not all items will require your immediate attention. Work with you and your teams we will prioritise the most impactful things and support planning their delivery.

Most publishers have an archive of rich content assets that have accumulated over the years. Often these content objects have delivered value but could be working harder for you.

As you have already invested resource in creating and managing them, so we will take a deep-dive into the content archive, and analyse its performance. We can then discuss and plan content assets to improve, to remove and re-create with you and your editorial team members.

Do you want to increase your SEO performance?