About echwa

Hi, I’m Damien Anderson, a freelance SEO consultant based in London. My goal is to help website owners get the best out of their search optimisation, and help grow their businesses.

About Damien Anderson

Damien led the strategic SEO approach for consumer organisation Which? for a decade from 2009, where he oversaw the audience development team.

Before this, he held several client and agency-side roles working on SEO and PPC campaigns for global brands. Damien started optimising websites to be found in 2000, at first by submitting websites to various web directories.

Damien Anderson, Founder and SEO Consultant

Damien has advised clients in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, medical, financial services and digital to enhance their SEO visibility.

Originally from Australia, and spending time between Adelaide and Darwin, Damien began his career at Empire Ridge in Adelaide where he worked in the User Experience team.


It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Damien – you couldn’t ask for a more skilled colleague, who is committed to making a difference through their discipline. As SEO Manager, Audience Development at Which?, Damien showed outstanding leadership and governance of all aspects of SEO and audience development – from coaching largeContinue reading “Natalie Hitchins”

Natalie Hitchins

Damien is passionate about getting the right content to the right audiences – and trying to address all barriers that stand in his way, whether they’re technical or resource. A truly energetic team member to have on your team.

Sarah Grant

SEO success for all

Great optimisation starts with an SEO audit to find and prioritise opportunities. Keyword Research then helps to identify the words your potential customers use. Content Auditing finds the best types and content responses to increase your search audience. Next, Competitor analysis checks on the competition, and monitors their performance. Last, Content Promotion shares your message with other websites and journalists. These 5 actions deliver great value.

Do you want to increase your SEO performance?

About echwa

I’m Damien Anderson, the founder of echwa. My goal is to help website owners get the best out of their search optimisation, and help grow their businesses.

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