Competitor analysis

No matter what your online goals, a competitor analysis will give you the insights that help you achieve and maximise your SEO goals.

Who are your competitors?

It’s a question you may readily answer if you think in traditional terms of vertical or geographic competitors. From the perspective of search engine optimisation, it should be seen as a complementary insight to demographics and traditional SWOT analysis and includes attributes about your customer, including their values, interests, attitudes and motivations.

Your SEO competition

From an SEO perspective, your real competitors are those appearing in search engine results pages for the keyword phrases your customers search for and which your business deserves to be present.

Engage echwa, and we will develop competitor research to find your most prolific and successful online competitors. We will uncover and report on the content topics, types and angles where they win search results.

For each of your competitors, we will drill into the most relevant keywords and content items, earning them significant SEO visibility.

We tell the story of their success, bringing your attention to the prioritised content and distribution tactics they’re using. We reverse engineer the content and distribution tactics they use to attract top SEO visibility.

Competitive insights to win

The insights we create will identify some of the content overlaps between your competitors on multiple dimensions. Their success stems from their ability to appeal to the attributes of ‘in market’ customers. We highlight the most relevant content and gaps between your competitors.

By looking at the content stories, types, questions and answers of your competitors were able to construct an optimisation matrix for you. Using this matrix, you can make informed resource decisions in your business to optimise existing content and create new content where it is needed.

Additionally, we can undertake a more extensive content audit of all the content on your website. This analysis is particularly helpful when contrast to your main competitors. It can elevate your SEO strategy to optimise existing content and make wise resource decisions to create new content.

By thinking about the performance of your competitors via customer-centric attributes, we deliver insights to elevate your SEO strategy success.

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About echwa

I’m Damien Anderson, the founder of echwa. My goal is to help website owners get the best out of their search optimisation, and help grow their businesses.

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