Content auditing

Creating great content is hard, and doing it time and again can be fraught with complexity. As a result, content strategy is often only considered in exceptional circumstances — usually, a catalyst; such as challenging performance or website migration.

Content strategy delights

If we were to ask ten people the purpose of a content item on this site, they will each have a different idea. Some will say a content item is selling them something, teaching them something and others still may find a content item of little or no value.

Aside from serving the precise needs, a business has for content; it’s imperative to take a strategic review of the needs users have of content.

Content is a strategic asset

A content strategy provides the space and scope to bring together analytics, survey data and other data to create insights. Be it from writers, editors, UXers, designers, coders or others the aim is to align the best principles from these disciplines and apply the actions from keyword research, competitive analysis and distribution strategy to unify your SEO strategy and create great content experiences.

echwa sees content strategy as a system to identify and document the people, processes and strategic goals you have for each of the content experiences you keep, create and manage.

Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.

– Kristina Halvorson

Good content is suitable for your business, your users and the context in which it is delivered. To achieve on all of these need states mandates knowing the purposes each content item serves.

Uncover and serve profitable segments

For your business, the content strategy helps you consistently uncover the profitable segments in your market to efficiently achieve business goals time and again. This imperative on goals considers the cost to serve and maintain content experiences.

For your users, the content experience gives them what they need, when they need it and in the right form. We collaboratively develop personas which reflect a blend of market research, psychographics, consumer insight interviews and other data points.

Data driven content decisions

At essence, we want to get a good understanding of the connective feelings, habits and abilities of your audiences to construct bridges across gaps, and create behavioural data insights to inform the content strategy. Our collective goal must be to delight users and not alienate them with extra detail. We want to deliver content experiences which are user-centric across channels, which differ.

Content is clear, consistent, concise and supported. Content management systems and processes can help us achieve and reinforce these goals.

Unlock the power in your content

Engage echwa to help you develop your content strategy. We will audit the performance of your existing content offering and design a high-level strategy with specific proposals for public-facing content plans and back-end functionality.

We will help you realise and unlock the value of your existing content to attract audiences. Our content strategy offer is bespoke to your business needs and requires collaboration with your editors, marketers, content creators, SEOs and knowledge managers.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.