Content promotion

Promoting the content that you have to audiences who will engage with it is a big part of winning SEO results. Every time another website links to your content, search engines take notice.

Target the right partners

Not every link will provide value, as search engines only want to count links achieved because the content merits it. We research the publications, writers and creators who are most interested in the stories you have to tell. We consider the things which have worked with audiences before and find ways to iterate on them in the content experiences you offer.

What makes a valued link?

Links are the connective tissue of the internet. It’s the humble link which revolutionised the initial concept of a connected web of pages of the world wide web. Initially, search engines judged which web pages to show in search results mostly by the number of links they had.

Over time, this has changed to more equally rewarding web pages which have content which is valued by relevant other websites.

Today, the quality of links is what matters. Often overlooked, the relationships you can create within your website using internal links can be very helpful in improving the results of your content in search engine results pages.

Link discovery and recovery

Google refers to manipulative links as being part of linking schemes. These schemes include buying or selling links to pass SEO value (Page Rank), excessive link exchanges and many more types of link manipulation. Algorithms to spot these schemes, but for egregious cases can issue manual evaluations (penalties) to disregard unnatural links.

We have experience of auditing domain link profiles, and can help you to recover your domain from unnatural linking penalties.

1. Collecting External Links

We collect the external links from a range of sources including your own analytics and Google Search Console data

2. Checking for Bad Domains

After we have those data points we get to work checking for known bad link domains, profane and spam keyword phrases

3. Assess External Link Values

All external domains and links are assessed for the value they pass or potentially block, and graded by importance

4. Create Disavowal File

A ‘Disavowal’ file is prepared for you to notify Google of links to discount and we monitor your SEO results for improvement

There are many cases where unnatural linking can cause Google to evaluate your web pages and domain at a low value than they would otherwise.

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What does echwa mean?

The name Echwa is based on ‘schwa‘ or ə. In English, it’s the most common unsounded vowel.

About Us

Damien Anderson is the founder of echwa and SEO consultant. Our focus is on creating winning SEO strategies.

echwa is the trading name for Damien Anderson.

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Content Quality is about User Needs

Nearly every day there’s another article which says the recipe to guarantee high SEO results is high-quality content. They say all it takes is for you to create the ultimate guide, or the best version of an article that you can muster, against the competition that you face. Or that content quality increases with a certain word count. Some will also say that high-quality content should solve a problem for a user. The real answer is a bit more complicated.