SEO strategy

Your SEO strategy is a kind of treasure map which starts with a technical SEO audit. The technical audit finds the core SEO opportunities on your website right now. It acts as a benchmark to create a complete SEO strategy.

Technical SEO Audit and Strategy

Your complete SEO strategy will consider the most significant opportunities and focus on the optimisations, which offer the best reward. Our SEO strategy delivers on these areas:

1. Analysis of SEO Traffic to Your Website

Assess the primary user journeys to deliver your business goals

2. Audit Existing Content and Journeys

Identify missing items, duplicates and improve existing items

3. Review Primary SEO Competitors

Drill into the detail of SEO tactics used by your competitors

4. Keyword, Topic and Entity Research

Model the user language of your audiences to reflect their needs

5. Create Personas to Guide Actions

Ensure user needs are at the heart of every action taken

6. Priority Content Improvements

Outline the refactor of existing content items to delight users

7. Revised Content Strategy and Plan

Outline new content, angles and treatments to achieve results

8. Content Promotion and Linking Strategy

Detail the content distribution and external promotional plan

9. Agree Success Measures and Goals

Discuss, document and deliver priority actions to achieve goals

What is technical SEO?

Each search engine has webmaster guidelines: Examples for Google and Bing. These technical notes give a view of how to enhance the ‘crawl accessibility’ for search engine ‘robots’ and the web page experience for users.

The technical SEO audit covers a wide range of items. From the construction and security of your web pages to the functions and elements involved ‘paint’ and ‘render’. Search engines want to reward websites which get the details right for users.

Preparing for your technical SEO audit

Once you decide to purchase an SEO audit, we will enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement and will need access to your:

  1. lead developer team representative, to give us clarification on issues we uncover
  2. webserver log files to see how search engines and users are accessing your website
  3. web analytics to understand the impact issues have on your SEO performance
  4. Google Search Console access for additional information on historical SEO issues

Throughout the auditing process, we will test and benchmark the current state of your web pages. Our goal is to find the most critical aspects to fix so you can enjoy fruitful results.

A technical SEO strategy to last

For your SEO strategy to stand the test of time and focus on the technical signals that matter, we check your website responds in these five areas:

  1. Code validity, render and structure
  2. Errors, HTTP statuses and redirects
  3. URLs and information architecture
  4. Templating and display elements
  5. Web server log files and page speed

We will help with specific areas of interest you may have, such as site migrations, content migrations and manual action, search results recovery.

Quantitative analysis

As we research to create your SEO strategy, your objectives will be front of mind. We will be looking at quantitative and qualitative insights, getting deep into the weeds, to find impactful SEO traffic opportunities to win.

The content gap analysis shows where you are winning and where additional possibilities are in your market place. We do this by taking a view of your competitors, and the contrast to keywords, topics and entities users demand.

Once we’ve found the most urgent and critical technical issues, we will prioritise those into near and mid-term priorities. Naturally, some actions will take longer to get into and through a development workflow than others. This balanced list of opportunities gets the ball rolling, and results improving at a steady pace.

Unified SEO strategy for success

Your SEO strategy will avoid fragmented tactics, and our work will have an awareness of broader initiatives you may already be running. You can then prioritise impactful items to increase the reach of your content and the visibility of your most crucial content journeys in SEO results pages.

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