Daniella Delaney-Mendes

I’ve never met someone who lives and breathes SEO like Damien. He’s the most accomplished colleague I’ve ever come across in this field. His vast knowledge is accompanied by a patience and a willingness to explain to those who don’t share his expertise. He can break the complicated down to make it sound simple. He also always has a smile on his face and is willing to help others.

Published by Damien Anderson

Hi, I am Damien Anderson, a freelance SEO consultant based in London. I started echwa.com to help content publishers solve their SEO challenges: - Planning and migrating websites and digital transformations - Improving information architecture and knowledge systems - Optimising content management processes and systems My goal is to help website owners get the best out of their search optimisation, and help grow their businesses. I previously led the strategic SEO approach for consumer organisation Which? for a decade from 2009, where I oversaw the Search and Audience development team. Before this, I held several client and agency side roles working on SEO and PPC campaigns for global brands. I have advised clients in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, medical, financial services and digital to enhance their SEO visibility through SEO activities. Originally from Australia, and spending time between Adelaide and Darwin, I began my career at Empire Ridge in Adelaide where I worked in the User Experience team.