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People want solutions, help them find yours.

You want to grow and get value from your search audience. We can help you to reduce information gaps, leverage SEO opportunities, and improve access to your content solutions.

From technical SEO and content auditing to user journey mapping and content strategies, we consult to get the best out of your content optimisations to realise business value.

Damien Anderson started echwa to help content publishers solve their SEO challenges:

  • Planning and migrating websites and digital transformations
  • Improving information architecture and knowledge systems
  • Optimising content management processes and systems

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Our values


We find actions that motivate, inspire and connect with users.


We focus on user needs and your business goals.


SEO is a process; not a product. We keep you updated on SEO.

Optimisation services

SEO strategy

Has a foundation of a Technical SEO audit. This helps establish a benchmark and find SEO opportunities. It takes a deep dive into the construct of your webpages and site to identify and prioritise items to enhance the crawl and index of your content.

Keyword research

Quantifies the language customers use to search for what you and your competitors have to offer. This insight helps you and your team to optimise content to be found. Thinking about user needs through the lens of ‘topics’, and not just keywords, helps SEO optimisations stand the test of time.

Content auditing

When you’re publishing lots of content you need a robust feedback loop on the types of content that work best. How they perform to your goals, what material is working to solve problems and convert are critical to understand. Content auditing provides you with these answers at scale.

Competitor analysis

Chances are your competitors are doing things differently to you. How often do you take stock of where and how they are performing in SEO results? We help you better understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from your SEO competitors.


Damien is an SEO guru. He’s driven a huge increase in natural search traffic…and is ever enthusiastic to drive improvements and enhancements both technically and editorially. He has and maintains a detailed understanding of how the major search players’ algorithms work and continuously feeds that back into improving the business.

Mike Lowndes

I have worked with many developers, designers and search engine strategists as a freelance consultant. Damien without doubt, is one of the most forward thinking SEO strategists I have met. His understanding of how the internet functions, married with his ability to know how the user thinks and who their competition are, enables him toContinue reading “Kai Motta”

Kai Motta

What does echwa mean?

The name Echwa is based on ‘schwa‘ or ə. In English, it’s the most common unsounded vowel.

About echwa

I’m Damien Anderson, the founder of echwa. My goal is to help website owners get the best out of their search optimisation, and help grow their businesses.

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