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It’s more crucial than ever for your website to be open online. Being open means more than having a website; it’s also about being visible in search engines results. We increase the visibility of businesses in search results to help you reach your goals.

We find and fix SEO errors, optimise existing and recommend new content. By optimising your content and reducing information gaps, we help grow your search rankings. From technical SEO audits to content strategies, we consult to get the best out of your online presence to realise business value.

Freelance SEO Consultant, Damien Anderson, helps businesses to identify their SEO risk, focus on actions to improve their content optimisation and achieve their SEO goals.

  • Bespoke SEO strategies for online businesses
  • Content performance audits and content strategy
  • Technical SEO auditing, page render and actions

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Optimisation services

Technical SEO Audit and Strategy

Technical SEO auditing establishes a benchmark, find SEO issues and opportunities. It takes a deep dive into the construct of your web pages and site to identify and prioritise items to enhance the crawl and index of your content.

Keyword, Topic and Entity Research

Identifies the language customers use to search for what you offer. Helps you and your team to optimise content and thinks about user needs through the lens of topics and entities to help SEO optimisations stand the test of time.

Content Auditing and Strategy

The content strategy relies on a solid feedback loop. Content auditing helps to understand better what outstanding performance is. We find underperforming content and opportunities to expand content to drive scalable SEO rankings.


The extent of Damien’s knowledge on search and SEO knows no bounds. He’s a super smart, enthusiastic and friendly guy who delivered a stream of enhancements and improvements.

Alison Austin

I have worked with many developers, designers and search engine strategists as a freelance consultant. Damien without doubt, is one of the most forward thinking SEO strategists I have met. His understanding of how the internet functions, married with his ability to know how the user thinks and who their competition are, enables him toContinue reading “Kai Motta”

Kai Motta